Alias; Arkasia
Age; 3 years
Sex; XX
Breed; Shade Wolf

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Arkasia is rather cruel and will snap at anything she deems a threat. Conversation is troublesome, as the canine refuses to speak unless being spoken to. Even with her cruel demeanor, her beauty is always showing. Her scent alone is a very unique type, able to seduce canines of both genders and attract them to her side. Usually, the female is seen hanging around her Coven grounds, enjoying her time alone or with the canines living there. The beast is solitary, not liking a lot of company or attention, not even to be touched as she is very sensitive. Although her cruel nature is dangerous alone, she oddly has a soft spot for pups.

Mother; Brokenwolf
Father; Destruction
Siblings; Sp00k

Betrothed; N/A
Mate; N/A

Sons; Eli, [Unknown] Akieto [Alive]
Daughters; Malak,[Deceased] Aros,[Deceased] Amberle [Unknown]

Workplace; The Devils Coven
Rank; Sovereign

Youth History
Due to her having a son, her heart melted with joy. The son, however, vanished out of sight; thus leading Arkasia back to her cruel ways. Over time, she managed to gain three beautiful daughters. Aros, being the oldest; Amberle, being the youngest, whilist Malak was the middle child. Aros died of unknown causes, and both Malak and Amberle vanished. Ever since then, Arkasia has once again returned to her cruel ways. However, once again Arkasia has adopted a son. A pup named Akielo. She has now softened up a bit, and this time, Arkasia will make sure this one doesn't vanish.

Zen, Les, Ozone, Ghastly, Faun, Beebo

Veyda - An honorable leader and, once upon a time, my beautiful mate. I'll miss you, Veyda.
Rum - A stupid sin as well as an annoyance.
Nikyta - One word... Betrayal. If I see you again, it won't be pleasant.
Seigrain - If you come back for me, don't try to kill me. That's the least you could do.
Tartarus - You call yourself a king? Pathetic.
Mirriki - Try to come back for me... I fucking dare you.
Severis - Never call me "little rabbit". Ever. I'm not yours to toy with. Stay away from me, fanger.
Severos - "You're a big guy, you'll do well within this Coven. You also interest me, in a friendly way. I hope to gain a friendship with you."
Luna - "Your tail shall make a fine accessory to my Council member, Lucifer. You were an easy target, one that I'll remember~"
Elijah - My dear little Eli. Oh, where have you gone? Return to me, please. I miss you, my little Eli. Please come back.
Amberle - You vanished out of sight, just like him. Return to me, my darling. I'm sorry I failed you.
Akielo - My son.. I swear on my life I shall not ever lose you like I did with my other children. You're my everything and I wont let anything happen to you.

Fun facts about Arkasia

- Arkasia loves to take naps every so often.
- She is very protective of her little sister Sp00k, she just protects her from the sidelines.
- Deep down, she adores pups.
- Arkasia would give anything to have a son again.
- Ark is currently waiting her son Eli's return.
- This also applies to her youngest daughter, Amberle.
- Arkasias favorite food is beef jerky. Give her a piece, she'll cling to you and love you forever.
- During her time in the Imperium, Arkasia was shy and didn't speak to anyone. This has obviously changed over the years.
- Despite her cruel nature, Arkasia can be very loving and sweet.
- Arkasia doesn't like to be touched at all. Her body is very sensitive.
- If anyone attempts to fuck her, or touch her in ANY way, she's more likely to punch them in the face and tell them to fuck off.
- Unlike my other characters, Arkasia has the most artwork, excluding Asesino.
- Arkasia DOES have a dog form. Her breed is a large Doberman.

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